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HiFFest 2017 (9 Desember 2017)

Highscope Film Festival (HiFFest) is back bringing the theme "Peer Pressure " with our motto, "Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out!". HiFFest is an annual short movie festival for middle school students held by Sekolah Highscope Indonesia since 2005

Movie Workshop: 11th & 12th of November 2017. During these two days you can learn how to create a good movie through directing, scriptwriting, photography and acting classes.
Screening: 2nd of December 2017. All submitted movies will be screened and selected to be proceeded on Awarding day.

AWARDING DAY: 9th of December 2017. Awarding day is the peak of HiFFest and is open for the public. The chosen movies will be shown and awards are given to the best movie in each criteria. Tickets available on the spot for Rp.50,000 each!

The finalist :

1. Dian Didaktika Islamic School

2. Global Mandiri Cibubur

3. Global Mandiri Jakarta

4. Highscope Bali

5. Highscope Bintaro

6. Highscope TB Simatupang

7. SMPIT Auliya

8. SMPN 3 Gunung Putri


 For more information, contact:
- (021) 759 17888 ext 8848
- #Instagram and Twitter: @HiFFest
- #e-mail: hiffesths@gmail.com
- #Hfiffest #hiffest2017

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