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Tangerang Festival 2016 ( 7 Agustus 2016 )

Tangerang Festival 2016
"Indonesia Kaya Rasa"

Date: 7 Agustus 2016
Location: At Rooftop BSD Junction

Mc : Davin s/B Tato/Neneng/Sepri T/Tiara C

*My nameis
*Paper gangster
*Private Number
*Tom Kill Jery
*Remember Of Today
*Sequel Of Sunday
*Annoying Butthead
*Second Demise
*Spittle Monster
*Heaven On Tears
*Stand Here Alone
*Pretty Hate Machine
*Physical Revenge *X-men
*Over Destination
*Message From Jessica
*Giving fun
*Romeo F Juliet
*Fucking My Friend
*Memories To Revenge
*Hey Justeen
*My Second Home
*Patrick Star
*Story of love
*Thanks for revenge
*Taring gajah
*Mata Panda
*Waiting for tomorrow
*Town of System
*Reversed Tomorrow
*Seven Something
*Kapal Pecah
*Blue Eyes
*Sun of shines
*Carried By Age
*Devil Cash To Buy Sins
*Early Summer
*The Bartenders
*Star From Zero
*Rock'n K
*Wolf StrongHC
*Hands Of Fatimah
*Winnie The Punk
*Fadil n Brothers
*Born To Cyco
*Larut Malam
*Devil Cash To Buy Sins
*Typical Abstract
*Line of Descent
*Everlasting Sleep
*Diary of Sunday *Selaras Award 2016
*Dj Utamen
*Dj Bagus
*Dj Firs
*Fdj Pachira
*Fashion Show
*Freepast *Barbitch
*the Little Dancer
*Egm Dance Cover

More info:
Pin: 5FD69F70 
Twitter: @Tangfest2016
IG: TangerangFestival

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