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Heroes Of Art (3 Juni 2016)

BEM FIKOM UNTAR proudly present 
"Heroes Of Art". 

The biggest event on Fikom Untar with Dance Competition. Band Festival. Mural Competition and Puteri Komunikasi.

Save The Date
󾥦3rd june 2016
󾥦parking lot Tarumanagara University campus 2 faculty of economy Jakarta

With the guest
󾥦Endah n Rhesa
󾥦Adhitya Sofyan
󾥦Lucas Longkuthoy
and many more

󾥦Early Bird: 15K
󾥦HTM: 20K

󾥦For Dance Competition : Yessica 0821-3978-3078
󾥦For Band Festival and Mural Competition : Dimas 085813928354
󾥦For Puteri Komunikasi : Chelsea 0812-8452-5878

with a total prize a Million Rupiah and Scholarship...

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