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SMK PRESTASI PRIMA Proudly Present EXPONER 2016 "POSETION" ("Power Of Secondary Action")


Save the date!
6th February 2016 at SMK Prestasi Prima

With Guest Stars : 

- Souljah 

- DJ Andina 

- Tom Kill Jerry

Get Your Pre-sale Ticket Now Only 25k
Or you can buy OTS Only 28k

Payment info : 

sekretariat SMK Prestasi Prima Jakarta 

when? ◾ 08.00-17.00 (weekday) ◾ 08.00-15.00 (weekend) 

where? SMK Prestasi Prima Jakarta Jl. Hankam Raya No.89 Cilangkap Cipayung, Jakarta Timur


For more information please kindly


contact us:
▪ Syifa syifnrg // 08983885380
▪ Lusi lsindhp // 089601003387
▪ Deval devalsep // 089602702801

Follow us for daily update news on:
◾ Twitter: @PPExponer
◾ Instagram: ppexponer
◾ Line: @yxt4848j
(don't forget to type @) 


So, what are u waiting for? Grab the ticket fast and save the date!
Let's join our biggest event for the second time!

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